Called To Pray Firefighter Figurine

by Lighthouse Christian Products

Called to Pray(TM) Firefighter Figurine Kneeling firefighter figurine is an excellent reminder of the power of prayer. Engraved around the base is "Patient in affliction, Faithful in prayer, Joyful in hope. Romans 12:12." Figure has a hand-chiseled wood appearance and appealing neutral tones. Height is 5 1/2". Made of resin. Includes hangtag with this message inside: When we kneel before our God, bow our heads and pray heartfelt, fervent prayers, we connect with God, and He with us, in a very real and powerful way. During His time on earth Jesus had much to say about prayer, and He lived it out in an intimate relationship with His heavenly father. This figurine is a wonderful reminder to go to our Lord in prayer and experience Him as never before. (message is copyright Dicksons)